The Text Adventure

The Text Adventure is a game made by me from scratch, the game is running in the Unity 5.4.2 Personal Edition.

You can download the game HERE.

The game has no automatic updater available yet, so check in for updates often!

Last updates registered here:

Version 0.2.0
-Fixed many many bugs
-Greatly improved Combat
-Added a main menu (wip)

Version 0.1.0

-Initial Unity Release

Voice actors wanted!

Requirements: OK Quality microphone.

I am looking for more voice actor’s for TTA, I want both storyline voice actors and combat voice actors.

Storyline voice actors will have to wait until the story is being developed.

If you want to be a character only used in combat, here’s what Ill need:
-A picture to use, either of you or a creature youre being.
-Sound files for attacking, being hurt, taking critical damage, getting healed, getting revived, being doubtful and dying.
-Your first name, and names for your 3 different attacks, and your healing spell.

Contact me for more information, or join the discord channel :
For already made sound files for combat, you can upload it right here:


If you need tech support, here’s a contact form.